10 Strangest Car Features Of All Time

Rambler “Twin Stick” Transmission

Image Source: AMO National Convention 2014

The “Twin Stick” transmission was a three-speed manual transmission with a selectable overdrive introduced in 1963 by Rambler. Available on the Rambler American and Rambler Marlin, this transmission essentially offered the user five forward gears. Starting out in first gear, one would shift into second gear with overdrive off. Using a second stick to the right side of the transmission, you could pull downwards to select overdrive. Next, shift into third gear with the left stick, bumping the right stick upwards to shift into third gear. Drop the right stick downwards to put the car into third gear overdrive and essentially, this gives the driver an old school version of a five-speed manual. Quite a lot to remember when driving, but nonetheless, a pretty novel idea!