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BMW M5 vs Mercedes AMG E 63 S Drag Race

There’s nothing like two of Germany’s finest vehicles racing on the drag strip. Motoring site Carwow got their hands on a BMW M5 with the Competition Package and a Mercedes AMG E 63 S and put them to the test in a 3-part race.

These 4-door sport sedans couldn’t be more evenly matched. Check out both their specs below:

Vehicle BMW M5 Competition Mercedes-AMG E 63 S
Engine 4.4 Litre, Twin-turbo V8 4 Litre, Twin-turbo V8
Horsepower 625 hp 612 hp
Torque 750 Nm / 553 lbs/ft 815 Nm / 601 lbs/ft
Transmission Automatic + Launch control Automatic + Launch control
0-62 mph time 3.3 s 3.3 s
Weight 4,370 lbs 4,200 lbs

From a performance standpoint, they very very similar. The BMW has a little bit more horsepower and the Mercedes has more torque and is just a tag lighter.

The 3 part race featuring a standing 1/4 mile drag race, a rolling race from 50 mph and a brake test from 70 mph.

The BMW M5 Competition won 2/3 by a marginal difference.

Even though it took the lead right from the start of the drag race, the BMW won by just a fifth of a second with 11.1s versus 11.3s for the Mercedes. It also won the brake test, stopping less than meter shorter than the AMG.

However, in the rolling race, the Mercedes AMG E 63 S outright dominated over the BMW, instantly accelerating and keeping the lead during the entire run.

Overall, both cars are amazing and represent the finest of German engineering.