GM Crashes Brand New C8 Corvette in a Three-Vehicle Collision

Crashed 2020 C8 Corvette on the side of the road - Source: Instagram @wrecked_musclecars

It was inevitable that someone would smash their brand new C8, we just didn’t think it would happen this soon. The 2020 Corvette launched just a few weeks ago and the car hasn’t reached dealerships yet.

Last weekend, GM was testing a fleet of Corvettes on the curvy Californian Route 120, when the accident occurred.

Coming out of a tight corner, the Stingray hit the white Chevrolet Equinox at a shallow angle, ripping the rear wheel off and throwing the SUV onto the guardrail.

The Corvette then collided head-on with an older Ford Ranger, taking out its front bumper and perhaps causing a small amount of frame damage.

Even then, the C8 continued two car lengths down the road before coming to a halt. Or, it could have been moved to allow traffic to pass.

We don’t really know who initiated the incident. By default, we would assume the Corvette driver was just going too fast, couldn’t handle the corner and crossed the lane into oncoming traffic.

However, there’s a chance that the Equinox cut the corner in order to maneuver without stepping off the gas, being at an incline, which caused the Corvette to clip its rear end.

We see the airbags set off in the Corvette and Ranger, likely in the Equinox as well. Fortunately, everybody is okay.

The front end of the Corvette is mangled where it impacted the other cars, but the good news is that the engine is in the back, so it should get a second chance in life.

Such publicity is never good for a manufacturer, but GM is making a hilarious habit of crashing its brand new Corvettes and weirdly they’re always blue.

The company hasn’t issued a statement yet, but we should expect one since the incident almost resulted in one vehicle being thrown off the road.

We’ll update this piece with more information as it becomes available.