This story comes from one of India’s northern states – Haryana. Apparently, a young man named Akash threw a major tantrum after his parents did not purchase the Jaguar he wanted for his 22nd birthday.

Instead, he received a brand new BMW worth 3.5 million rupees (about $49,000) – cheaper than a Jaguar which goes for 4-5 million rupees in India, but still a luxury car many of us dream of having.

Akash complained to his father, a wealthy landlord, that the car was too small for him and his friends to drive around.

Akash, 22 years old, owns a number of vehicles and apparently a motorcycle
Akash, 22 years old, owns a number of vehicles and apparently a motorcycle – Source: ABC News

When he was denied the Jaguar, he pushed the Bimmer into the river and reportedly sent his parents a video of the sinking car.

Yup, that’s a classic example of a spoiled brat for you.

The soaked BMW was dragged into the middle of the river bed where it got stuck on a patch of rising grass.

After realizing what he has done, Akash rushed into the water to try and recover his vehicle. The footage shows local police using ropes, boats, and a crane to remove the car from the water.

Sunken BMW captured by witnesses
Sunken BMW captured by witnesses

The police have stated there will be a formal case and Akash will suffer the consequences of his actions, likely just a fine as well as paying for the rescue operation.

That said, he will have to answer to his disgraced family, who made international news due to his little stunt.

Ironically, this may be the best thing he’s done for himself. Now that he’s crossed all borders, his parents may finally teach him how money is earned and food put on the table.

The story is even more striking on the background of widespread inequality in India. Although improving, 21.1% of India’s population was below the poverty line in 2016.

In the meantime, the richest 1% of the country held 58.4% of the wealth and the richest 10% held 80.7% of the wealth.