Do You Own One Of These Top 10 Most Stolen Cars In America?

1. Honda Civic

Image source: Pixabay

Yes, the Honda Civic was the #1 most stolen vehicle of 2015, with a total of 45,062 thefts reported that year. That’s more than the first four cars on this list combined. This is somewhat surprising because Accord and Civic sales went down in 2018. However, that doesn’t mean that used models aren’t still incredibly popular.

Civics are the perfect mid-size sedan, offering a spacious interior despite its compact exterior look. The 2015 Civic sedan now sells for around $10,000. However, the 2019 model is selling for a reasonable $21,000. Choosing the Civic as your next car is certainly a wise choice, even if it’s the most targeted car in America by thieves.